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Gabriel Varona, founder of Shoes for Streets was getting to work one day when he found a homeless man inside a dumpster. He approached the man and asked him what he was doing?  “Looking for a pair of shoes”, he said. He went on to explain how his shoes had holes in them, and he couldn’t walk in them any more.

After finding out they shared the same shoe size, Gabriel took off his sneakers and gifted them to the man. Later that day Gabriel’s pastor David Hughes from Church by the Glades spoke about taking advantage of our resources to make a difference.His experience that morning, combined with the inspiring service, is exactly what Gabriel needed to create Shoes for Streets.

Gabriel “Stunna” Varona is former ex-MMA fighter and owner of Stunna’s Fit in South Miami. He started with one drop-off box at the gym where he quickly collected gently used sneakers from the gym members. Word spread quickly and now there are various drop off locations with containers all over Miami. Once the containers are full, Gabriel picks up the shoes, organizes them by size and hands them out one by one to homeless individuals.

Vision Statement

Bringing hope to the homeless and helping them step in a better direction by providing them with new sneakers.

Mission Statement

Shoes for Streets brings awareness to the community and hope to the homeless, a sector that is often forgotten by distributing gently used sneakers and food on a regular basis.

Board of Executives


Gabriel Varona

Gabriel Varona, Miami born and raised, is an ex-MMA fighter and current owner of Stunna’s Fit in South Miami. Leveraging his everyday surroundings (usually a gym) he founded Shoes For Street in an effort to help the homeless. What started with giving away the shoes he was wearing, is now a regular thing that has expanded to shoes, food and clothes for the homeless.


Sabrina Fernandez

Sabrina Fernandez youngest of six siblings was born in Miami FL. She received her BAS in Supervision and Management at Miami Dade College. She got her first taste of philanthropy working for a non for profit, South Florida After-School All Stars from 2009-2011.


Rebecca Varona-Azcuy

Rebecca Varona-Azcuy, born and raised, in Miami, FL it is with little wonder Miami holds a special place in her heart. Rebecca started working at the early age of 18 immediately after graduating high school. She has been working with Bacardi USA as a Rebeca Specialist since 2010. Rebecca has always been an extremely motivated individual who is continuously aiming to accomplish new goals. She’s looking forward to witnessing the steady growth and awareness of Shoe’s For Streets.

Drop Off Locations


5850 Commerce Lane
South Miami, FL 33143



15305 S Dixie Hwy
Miami FL 33157


Our Twitter feed is currently unavailable but you can visit our official twitter page @shoesforstreets.

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